G. Christian Warrick
2811 Flintlock Court, Keedysville, Maryland  21756
Residence:  (301) 432-xxxx    Office:  (301) xxx-xxxx


An engineering position with a growing company utilizing my skills for design, implementation, and troubleshooting of local area and wide area networks with a focus on data security.


Network and Data Security Engineer experienced with a wide range of network communications protocols and mediums.  CISSP certified.  Broad knowledge of protocols including TCP/IP, IPX, DECnet, and LAT.  Extensive use of network monitoring and troubleshooting tools such as Cisco routers, Network Associates Sniffer Systems and HP OpenView Network Node Manager.  Design and mapping of local and wide area networks using many different drawing packages and CAD software.  Strong experience with IBM, UNIX, PC, and VAX platforms and operating systems.  Flexibility in interfacing with all levels of management and customers.  Very task oriented with strong desire to overcome all obstacles.


Senior Analyst:
Technical analysis and feasibility studies of network design proposals.

Senior Network Analyst:
· Troubleshooting Cisco PIX and Checkpoint Firewall-1 network security systems.
· Data security analysis of existing networks and new network designs.
· Second level support for Network Analysts.
· Troubleshooting of complex network issues such as slow response and intermittent failures using Network Associates Sniffers, Cisco routers, CheckPoint firewalls, and Fluke Network Analyzers.
Implementation, analysis, and consolidation of firewall rule sets.

Network Analyst:
· Troubleshooting Cisco based Frame Relay network.
· Troubleshooting SNA, DLSw, and IBM Mainframe connectivity.
· Troubleshooting of NT, and IPX connectivity.
· Implementation and troubleshooting of TCP/IP, OSPF and RIP.
· Troubleshooting Frame Relay, X.25, T1, T3, 10/100 Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks.

Network Engineer:
· Local and wide area network design with Cisco, Bay Networks, DigitalLink, TyLink, HLS, and other types of equipment.
· Troubleshooting of internetwork connections and firewalls.
· Troubleshooting of various protocols including TCP/IP, DECnet, IPX, and LAT with Distributed Sniffers.
· Design and implementation of video telecommunications network.
· Test and evaluation of network printing devices, PC based X-windows software, and dial-up network servers.

Network Manager:
Installed, configured, and utilized many types of network managers and platforms, including Sun Net Manager, HP OpenView Node Manager, and HLS Monet, to troubleshoot, monitor, and report network problems and statistics.

Internal Communications Technician:
Extensive use of fiber optic cable and equipment; RS-232, Ethernet equipment (File servers, terminal servers, bridges, routers), network analyzers, modems, protocol analyzers, and voice communications.

Wide Area Network Technician:
Installation and maintenance of C band and Ku band satellite transceivers, frame relay, multiplexers, T1 communications equipment, and terrestrial microwave equipment.

Product Test Technician:
Systems test technician, bench test technician, troubleshooting to the component level, automated test systems construction, RF and TTL troubleshooting.


SPS Technologies
211 Perry Parkway, Suite 4
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
April 2002 to Present
Senior Analyst

Marriott International
7300 Crestwood Boulevard, Frederick, Maryland  21703
August 1996 to Present
Senior Network Analyst

Hughes Network Systems
11717 Exploration Lane, Germantown, Maryland  20876
August 1988 to August 1996
Network Engineer, Telecommunications Technician, Network Manager, LAN Network Analyst, Systems Test Technician, Bench Test Technician


Washington Institute of Technology
Penn Commercial Incorporated
242 Oak Spring Road, Washington, Pennsylvania  15301
Associate Degree in Computers and Electronics
Graduated June, 1988 in top 25% of class with High Honors Certificate.

Elkins High School, Elkins, West Virginia
Graduated June, 1986
Emphasis in Computer Science and Physics