September 2004 BWCA & Quetico Park Expedition

The expedition was a hit. Many contacts were made. The Carolina Windom Short 40 LP is the best antenna we've ever used on an expedition. It was incredibly easy to put up and take down, and the signal... Wow!

We had the antenna up so high that we couldn't take many good pictures. But there are a few in our picture group. Sorry there isn't any explanation to the picts, but I wanted to get them up in a hurry.



Well, it's been a dry summer in the way of N3MK-W3GCW expeditions. But on September 2, 2004 we once again head up to Minnesota and on into Canada for our BWCA & Quetico Park expedition.

The Grid Square this year will be EN48.  EN48 appears to be completely within the two parks, so there probably not a lot of resident operators in the grid. We suspect that this will be the last time this grid is active on PSK31 this year (the cold is moving in)

Our outfitter is Williams & Hall. Our camp will be in Quetico Provincial Park in the area of Carp Lake, northeast of Ely, MN. And on the US side is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

The date:

September 2, 2004 00:00Z to September 8, 2004 20:00Z.

The Operators:

Support Staff:






Expected Frequencies: